Regnault, Denis (moine, fin 16e s.)

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Personne physique  
Regnault, Denis  
Denis Regnault  
Fr. Dionysius Regnault  
1590 - 1601  

("On f. 126v is a note in the same [?] cursive hand giving the date of the death of this Denis Regnault: "Fr. Dionysius Regnault relligiosus huius monasterij in anno domini 1590 quj obijt autem." However, a short prayer in the margin of f. 10v ends with the inscription "1601. F. D. Regnault" (B. Shailor, Catalogue of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts in the Beinecke Library vol. 2 (1987), p. 183).)


Religion / clerc régulier / moine, moniale  

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